I have to say I have found that my biggest complaint these days is why is it so hard to just tell someone the truth. I have been in a place for the past several years where I am trying my best to be as honest with people as I can and not hide how I feel anymore. Now that doesn’t mean I am ugly and hateful. Since my separation I have learned one thing above all else, if you will just be honest with someone and let them decide how they feel about it, you will be much better off. Sometimes people will surprise you and understand, if they don’t then at least you were up front with them and let them make the choice.

Our society today thinks that everything is acceptable, and that is so far from the truth it’s crazy. We need to understand that if our kids and grand-kids have no moral compass and a good grasp on what is right and wrong, then they are going to end up messing this world completely up. I know that most think it already is, but I believe it is like a bad marriage, it isn’t over until you give up on it. We see mass shootings and murdering innocent children because you couldn’t handle raising them or whatever reason you may give, there is still no excuse, adoption is alive and well in this country and there is always a choice.

Our world is so without God right now that we are surely in the end of times the Bible speaks of and the one thing that we need the most is God. Let me get on my soap box a little more. Your kids do not run the house, you do, so make them listen, take them to church and encourage them to get involved in church activities. Stop believing in the notion that you want your kids to grow up and make their own choices so you don’t make them go. You are just teaching them that as long as you are happy, everything in the world is right. We as parents need to be parents and teach our children about right and wrong, that is our job as parents. If we got back to telling our kids the truth about things, like everyone doesn’t get a trophy and everyone doesn’t get to play if you don’t work hard to earn your spot, they are never going to understand why the world doesn’t owe them something.

Kids killing kids, parents, teachers and whoever else makes them mad. What do you think they are missing? Do you think it just might be the respect for your neighbor, relatives and authority figures. Bullying is out of control in schools and we think “not our kids.” Well if you didn’t teach them respect and a good healthy dose of fear of consequences, then yes, probably your kids. Our kids have been let loose to run over other people and they have no respect for anyone, not even themselves. Those bolstered egos that we have tried so hard to make sure to build, all in the name of confidence instead of the Truth are what has gotten us in this predicament. I don’t doubt that a child should have confidence, I encourage it but lets be real, if you are the one who thinks every kid should get a trophy for participation, you are part of the problem. Do you think that kids need a false sense of confidence or do they need to work hard and be rewarded for their hard work. When a child plays a sport and works hard to get a spot on the team, should they not be encouraged to keep working hard to keep that spot and rewarded for that hard work? So what are we teaching them when even someone who doesn’t work hard for a spot gets one, and someone who doesn’t work hard gets a trophy. Where did we stop recognizing hard work and start recognizing everyone no matter the effort put in. How can a child take pride in his accomplishments if we continue to diminish the reward for the hard work. Now lets be honest, I am not talking about peewee football or youth sports leagues. I think that is where we take our kids to learn these sports. I do believe that if a child is trying and comes to every practice and is putting in the effort to learn how to play, they do deserve a spot on the team to continue to grow. I do not, however believe that they all deserve a trophy, but a chance to put the effort in and get better. I also believe that if a child is not willing to put in the work and effort like other kids, then they should not be allowed to stay on the team. Each circumstance would need to be considered because there are children whose parents don’t care and will not get them to practice on time, then another parent or coach should step in to help them become the best they can.

Which brings me to my next point. We are all in this together, no one is getting out alive, that’s a fact. We as a society are no longer concerned about our neighbor or the family down the street that you know are beating their kids, or maybe they just can’t afford nice clothes and food and we are making assumptions. We are concerned about being in other peoples business but not about helping someone. If we stopped and said what can I do to help that family, instead of how dare they act that way. You don’t know anyone’s story unless they have told you, and that would require you stop and listen to them first. Start looking for ways to be a blessing to someone and to help them have a better life, stop being so caught up in your own sense of self righteousness that you can’t see what is really going on. You could offer that child a ride to practices and games, or you could offer that family a friendship that could potentially change their life, and lets be honest, maybe even yours.

I hope that all my ramblings might have caused even a few people to stop and think about that kid at school, or that family down the street. We all know someone that needs help, we just need to stop looking at them with contempt and start looking at them with love. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ and they just want to be loved and accepted the same as us. Truth can be given with love, it doesn’t have to be ugly and negative. We just need more of it, and we need less lies, deceit and false confidence because lets face it, that isn’t doing anyone any good and it’s tearing our world apart.

Please don’t be shy, tell me what you think. It is really okay to disagree with someones opinion and I don’t take it personally, most of the time 🙂 I want to hear what other people think.

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