Well I am slowly getting stuff packed and moved. I have so much work to do on this house but I am marking things off my list daily. I never realized how much there is to do when you are fixing up a house but I do feel accomplished. I have been able to do a lot myself that I would not have done before. I laid tile in the kitchen and bathroom, hung sheet rock, tape, mud and paint. I am now laying laminate hardwood floors, that is proving to be a little more challenging but I will get it completed before the end of the weekend. Thank goodness for You-tube or I would not know how to do some of this stuff.  I even made my own hardwood counter tops, they will need a little sanding to make them work but I did it. I think I can learn a lot more and stop depending on other people for stuff but that is a different blog post all together. I am 3 weeks into my leave from work and I only have 1 week left, I am pushing to get all moved in by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. It is only taking that long because I am still waiting on electricity and hopefully that will be done tomorrow. I just wanted to update everyone and let you know I am coming along and will make this work. I will overcome and make the best of the cards I am dealt, I am a survivor. Until next time, keep your chin up and keep on keeping.

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