Have you ever wanted to ask a question but didn’t because you thought people would think you were silly or it was just too personal?

Well here we are going to just throw it all out there and answer those top 5 questions that no one really wants to ask.

  1. Is it bad to hold a fart in? I mean really, who wants to pass gas in public but sometimes it is just too hard to hold in. So many of us wonder but never ask, is it bad to hold it in. The answer is for a normal healthy adult no. Just beware that it will come out when you are not expecting it sometimes. So if you hold in it while walking through the supermarket just to keep from fogging someone, you might run into Mr. Handsome who wants to have a coffee next door and then you will be very uncomfortable and face the possibility of letting it out in front of him. So to pass gas or not, it is up to you but I would definitely rather some unsuspecting stranger be the witness of that fog than some cute guy at the coffee bar next door.
  2. Why do I pee when I sneeze or cough? I mean really almost every woman I know knows exactly what I am talking about. It happens more than most know, especially men. They have no clue what us women go through every time we have a sudden movement. Well the answer is simple ladies, most of us who experience this have had kids and gained weight. This causes the muscles down there to expand and stretch and not hold it together quite like it used to. You can do Kegel exercises to help or go see your doctor and see if there is some medical treatment or surgery to help prevent this from happening.
  3. Does everyone pick their noses? Of course they do, they just don’t want you to know they do. Some people do it in private but I promise you, they do it. It might look a little more like a scratch to some people but they do it all the same. How else do you get all that crap out of your nose, it won’t all come out on toilet paper when you blow it. Let’s be real folks, we all do gross stuff when no one is paying attention. The only difference is some people don’t care who is looking and do it anyway.
  4. Does this dress make my butt look big? Well let me just put it this way, if you have to ask, yes it does. Only girls like me with big butts ask this question, so it ain’t gonna make it look small that’s for sure. If you doubt me, have a friend or relative take a picture of your butt from behind and you will see what I am talking about. Of course if you have a J-Lo butt and are worried, don’t. We all wish we had a butt like that.
  5. Do I really need to get dressed to go to Walmart? Yes, yes you do. The same people you see at your kids soccer games are the ones you are going to run into at Walmart. If you work in the town you are shopping, don’t even think about wearing your PJ’s to the local grocery store. These are people you do business with and expect to continue doing business with you. If you are in any type of business where you are the face of a company, that face is still what they expect when they run into you at the store, not some no bra wearing baggy shirt and extra short shorts wearing person. Have some respect for yourself and get yourself dressed before you leave the house. I will say the only exception to this is if you are extremely ill. I know when you have to go stand in line after being in the hospital to pick up a prescription is not the most pleasant thing to do, I have had to do this. I can honestly say I did not get dressed up to go to the ER so when they released me and I went to get my medicine, I still looked like I had dragged out of bed.

So what have we learned today? Everyone does embarrassing stuff, the only difference is don’t get caught and have some tact. Don’t do it if you can help it in public and always look both ways before exhibiting normal bodily functions if possible. Put some clothes on and take a picture if you don’t know what you look like in an outfit cause if you are questioning it, you probably should not wear it.

Have a blessed day and make someone smile 🙂

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